Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Cow

I know this may seem ridiculous to some, but I really want a family cow. Yes I have done all the research and know how hard it will be. I know they have to be milked twice a day, everyday, including Christmas and Easter Sunday. I also know how healthy raw milk is for you and just love the idea of having my own to drink. I want to learn how to make cheese and I already know how to make butter, yogurt and sour cream. I have read about this subject for some time now and plan to get a newborn Jersey to bottle feed at some point. I think spring time would be best for starting one out. That way it will be warmer for a baby to be without it's mother and we will be able to spend more time with it.

The other day, I got to experience milking a sweet Jersey named Bell. I was traveling down a country road and saw her in a pasture. You don't normally see dairy cows around here, so I stopped in to find a friendly homeschool family. They sell eggs from their chickens and share Bell with another family. Each family takes their turn at milking her, one in the morning and one in the evening. They said it was milking time and I got to help! I was so excited to really know what it is like to milk a cow.

Now I know I want one! :o)


  1. Best wishes on your quest for a family cow :)

  2. I would LOVE to have little Jersey cow. I'm so pleased you might get one. I think the idea of sharing a cow with a good neighbour is a great one.Here where I live people buy shares in dairy cows to get around the government regulations of buying raw milk. I wish you the very best with your girl when you get her.

    Just a word on your name. When we first came to live in our town there was a little supermarket walled Wimberleys. It was the best supermarket I'd ever been in but it was sold to a big chain a few years later. I still miss the good service and excellent stock that shop had.

  3. Oh how I miss our cow! Have ever heard of miniature Jerseys ? They provide lots of milk and are soooo adorable.

  4. how cuteee(: awhh i lovee cows and this one is cuteee!