Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Millie, the farm dog.....well, kinda.

This is Millie. She is a Lab puppy that belongs to Bretta, our oldest daughter. Doesn't she look adorable. Well Millie has some issues. She wants to be with someone at all times. She also isn't house broken and need I say more. We have to watch her like a hawk.
Millie has really grown over the few weeks she has been at our house. She has already had several adventures too. She was missing one day and we found her in the pasture with the horses. We thought she couldn't get out so we opened the gate to let her out and she jumped thru the gate.

She also decided to grab a fishing lure that was dangling from a pole and run with it. It got so imbedded in her jaw, she had to have surgery. We tried everything to get it out ourselves, pushing it forward, then trying to back it out to no avail.
$275 later and she was good as new! :o)

She also loves to chase our ducks. I don't think she understands the role of a farm dog is to protect, not destroy.

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